Floyd County Medical Center: Charles City

Portfolio Category: Healthcare

Accord Architecture has provided design services for FCMC since 1998 and recently finished the design of a $30 MIL three-story clinic addition along with a new two-story hospital addition that includes a new entrance and registration area. This is a direct outcome of the master planning work by Accord in recent years. This current project includes an outpatient specialty clinic at the new third floor and renovations to existing hospital spaces for lab, along with speech and occupational therapy.

In 2023, the design of a radiology addition to house an internal MRI, along with remodeling of the emergency department for security and patient/visitor flow, were completed by Accord. Prior notable projects for FCMC include a 1998 multi-department project involving the radiology, lab, physical therapy, specialty clinic, administration and outpatient services areas, a renovation of the surgery department in 2004, a renovation of the entire second level med-surg/OB/pharmacy in 2006, the ER in 2013, and major infrastructure upgrade in 2014.