Iowa State University AG Innovation (concept work): Iowa State Research Park

Portfolio Category: Specialty

The Iowa State University Research Park turned to Accord Architecture for a creative study of a potential agricultural “think-tank” type of building. ISU’s goal was to bring together entrepenuerial companies in the field of agriculture into one building with a common center area that has shared amenities for meetings and support spaces. This “mall” concept for Ag tenants promotes cross-pollination ideas.

Iowa’s agriculture can be seen through the lens of pattern, light, texture, and iconic building forms. The entrance structure’s gable roof form is an abstract version of a barn seen on so many Iowa farmsteads. Openings in this barn-like form provide opportunities for light that might be experienced in a corn crib. A staircase to the second level navigates around a round bin within this tall entrance structure. Flying over Iowa reveals field patterns that can be found in the precast concrete panel texture of this conceptual building.