Renovo Creative Development Area: Clear Lake

Portfolio Category: Specialty

As a state-of-the-art full service production studio, Renovo Media Group is committed to renewing, restoring, and reviving beauty, goodness, and truth in television. Throughout 2022, Accord worked closely with Renovo to develop a master plan that utilizes the former Serta Warehouse facility (owned by Kingland Systems) with strategically phased growth. Renovo not only makes movies, but also supports other movie efforts with rental of equipment.

With the high-end movie and audio studio designed by Accord and completed in 2019, a 32’ wide curved LED wall was installed immediately adjacent to that studio space as the second step in the vision of Renovo leadership in 2022. Accord’s master plan illustrates these steps and more. The 2023 Creative Development Area project within Kingland’s building is a third and critical step that will foster movie-making creativity. This is done through architecture and interior design. Using virtual simulation, Accord illustrates the potential of the space.